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Are you still debating as to

whether you should be using

a contract with your clients?

In an area that is as grey as it comes, finally there is an

answer as to whether you should use them, the impact it

has on the relationship with your clients and what to include

within them to protect your business and your integrity!

...I'll also give you the exact same contract that I use with my

personal and business clients that you can use just by simply changing

your address details and the details of the services that you are offering!

From Sean McPheat

Dear Coach,

"Shall I?"  "Can I?"  "Should I?"  "How do I?"

I bet all of these questions are on your mind right now?

I mean, you want to come across as a coach who cares, who is sensitive to your client's requirements. But at the same time you have a business to run too!

But what if the client doesn't pay you or refuses to pay you?

What if the client does something as a result of one of your sessions and then blames you for it and takes legal action?

Who cares then!?

The fact is this...a contract is there to protect BOTH of you.

Both your client and yourself should go into any coaching engagement with a

win-win in mind.

But then, think about this...if you decide to use a contract with your clients, have you got a spare $3,000 for a lawyer to draw up the contract for you to use?

If you do not have the money, then what do you include in the contract to protect you both AND to make it legally binding?

Here are some horror stories!

I'm fortunate enough to have been in the coaching profession for a long time now so I have seen a lot of goings on!

I heard of a relationship coach from Canada who was blamed for a couples divorce and was being sued!

In my local area I heard of a coach who had to take a client to court because the they refused to pay on the grounds that the coach did not give any answers!

There are so many questions and not enough answers when it comes to coaching contracts.

Until now that is!


Sean McPheat's

Contracts For Coaches


In Coaching For Contracts I cut through all of the overwhelming and conflicting information that is out there.

Instead, I am delivering a "no-nonsense guide" to all that you need to know about coaching contracts and then some!

I am even including a couple of contracts that

I personally use with my clients that you can use

just be changing your address details and the

details of the services you are offering!

That will save you $3,000 striaght up!

Here's what you will achieve by purchasing "Contracts For Coaches" today:

You will understand what contracts actually are and what they are put in place for


You will understand the pros and cons of using a contract with your clients


You will understand what makes a contract valid and legal


You will understand the importance of clarifying your role as a coach and your clients role


You will be able to put you and your clients responsibilities down on paper without it looking "too formal" or "stuffy"


You will be able to outline the services agreed, the acceptance methods and also the terms of the contract


You will understand the importance of business contracts for larger projects and how to put these into practice


You will be able to write an introductory letter to your client detailing the services and "how it all works"


You will have at your fingertips some examples of contracts and what to do to customise them


You will be able to put proposals together for your clients and know what to put in them


You will be able to understand your client's needs and how to reflect these in a contract


** Use My Contract Templates **

It's all well and good having the information about contracts but what should you include within them?

Well, with Contracts For Coaches I leave nothing to chance.

You can actually modify the actual contracts that I use with my personal and business clients.

Here's an excerpt from Contracts For Coaches. It details three sections from one of the contracts that I use and where you need to add your own details (in red):


Section 1

The Parties

{ Put Todays Date In Here

This contract is a legal agreement between two parties, which will throughout this document be referred to as 'coach' and 'client' or 'parties.' The parties in agreement are Sean McPheat of The Executive Coaching Studio (coach) with offices at XXXX Cline County Rd , City, State, Zip and James Smith of the Touche Marketing Company, with offices at XXXX Jepson Rd , City, State, Zip (client.) }


Section 2

Overview Of Services

{ The client has obtained the services of the coach in order to assist with matters referencing ___________. The coach will provide many different

elements in order to assist with these matters, including ____________. The client and the coach agree that the desired outcome will be achieved and coaching will cease when ______. The coaching services will be performed __________, and telephone 'meetings' will also be arranged ____________. }

Section 3


{ In addition to the said coaching elements, the coach will also provide the client with certain materials, including _________. Through this coaching and these materials, the life coach and the client anticipate an outcome of ____________. The parties have agreed to enter upon this coaching term starting at the date of this contract, and lasting for a period of ___ months. Within this period, the coach will provide the above coaching processes and elements as well as the said materials. }

The contract then lists the details, times, costs etc


Within just 30 seconds from now...

Within just 30 seconds from now you can have at your fingertips the most practical, real-world information when it comes to coaching contracts to protect your clients and yourself and for you to ultimately look more professional.


Sean McPheat's


Contracts For Coaches



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That's it, I'm done!

No long salesletter, no fluff!

To your coaching success!

Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat

P.S Remember, I guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can ask for your money-back and I will give you an immediate 100% refund and you can keep the product too! How's that for a no lose offer?!

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